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The Legacy of Ferrari Dino

October 30, 2023

A symbol of automotive excellence.

When the name "Ferrari" is mentioned, enthusiasts instantly picture sleek, powerful, and luxurious sports cars that embody speed and elegance. One model that consistently stands out in the Ferrari lineup is the iconic Ferrari Dino. Originally introduced as a brand in the late 1960s, the Ferrari Dino quickly gained a reputation for its distinctive design, balanced performance, and engineering brilliance.

1974 Ferrari Dino | West Coast Dream Machines

Unveiling a new era.

The Dino name was chosen to honor the late Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari's son. Enzo had intended to create a separate brand to compete in the lower-priced sports car market. Thus, the Dino brand was born, with the intention of producing sleek, mid-engine sports cars that combined affordability with Ferrari's impeccable performance.

1969 Ferrari Dino | The first ever

Stunning design.

From the very first model, the Ferrari Dino cars captured the imagination of automobile enthusiasts with their timeless design. Characterized by their curvaceous bodies, bold lines, and low-slung appearance, Dinos epitomized the Italian notion of style and elegance. The cars were often adorned with Ferrari's trademark prancing horse emblem and featured distinctive bulging wheel arches, aerodynamic spoilers, and powerful engines on display.

Balanced performance.

Performance is the hallmark of every Ferrari, and the Dino was no exception. The mid-engine layout of the Dino placed the powerplant behind the driver, ensuring better weight distribution and handling dynamics. This, coupled with its lightweight construction and aerodynamic design, resulted in exceptional handling and agility. With engines ranging from V6 to V8, Ferrari Dinos delivered exhilarating acceleration, satisfying top speeds, and a thrilling driving experience that became the envy of its competitors.

Vintage ad featuring the Dino 246 GT

Racing heritage.

The Ferrari Dino embraced its racing pedigree with a series of illustrious victories on tracks around the world. These cars competed in various motorsport events, including Formula 2, sports car championships, and endurance races. The Dino’s success on the track helped solidify Ferrari's reputation as a dominant force in racing and cemented its place in automotive history.

2021 Ford Mustang Shelby

Collectible and rare.

Over the years, various models were released under the Dino brand, including the 206 GT, 246 GT, and 246 GTS. However, the production of the Dino ceased in 1974, making these cars highly coveted among collectors and enthusiasts alike. The limited production numbers and their association with the Ferrari brand have significantly increased their desirability and rarity, driving up their market value and making them true collectibles.

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