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Tuning & Restorations

Pushing drivetrains to their limits. Breathing life into old classics. We recognize genuine performance and quality because they go hand-in-hand with our daily duties.

A simpler path to performance

Modifications that deliver exhilarating handling and breakneck acceleration count for little if they cause a vehicle to spend the bulk of its time receiving maintenance and repairs. Our tuning service allows you to avoid those pitfalls. With expert part selection and decades of tuning experience, you receive an uncompromising balance of performance and reliability.
Unbridled horsepower
In partnership with the long-established supercar tuners at Outrun MFG, we offer three stages of modifications on our performance vehicles.

These unique enhancements are pre-applied on select models prior to listing and may also be requested by clients for an additional fee during the purchasing process.
Stage 1
Exhaust & ECU Tuning
+15% of Stock HP
Stage 2
Exhaust & ECU Tuning
+25% of Stock HP
Existing Turbo/Supercharger Boosting
Stage 3
Exhaust & ECU Tuning
Custom System Turbo/Supercharger Boosting
Custom Turbo/Supercharger Installation
+60-80% of Stock HP
Old favourites, reinvigorated
Great drives never get old — but they can begin to show their age.

When we acquire beloved vehicles of yesteryear, our reconditioning team works painstakingly to restore them to their former glory.

Each vehicle remains stock in appearance, but modern materials are selected to impart comfort, safety, and durability improvements.
Finding the barn finds
If you’re interested in having a particular vehicle acquired and restored, our team can assist you.

With our extensive global vehicle sourcing network, we may be able to connect you with your desired vehicle through a private listing or exclusive dealership network.

Bring home your dream car

Simply schedule a test drive at our showroom. Have a question about our inventory or a specific vehicle? A member of our team would be happy to assist you.
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